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Potato Goodness

Time to peel back the goodness in Potatoes

       When someone mentions Potatoes what thoughts come to mind?  Boring, Potato chips, Mashed, or French Fries?

You may have some preconceived ideas on potatoes and think that they are just not that exciting of a dish and hold no nutritional value.  We disagree and will change your […]

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Lemons beneficial for your body and your home

Did you know that drinking Lemon water is extremely beneficial for the body?

An easy inexpensive way to start your day, a warm glass of lemon water gives you numerous health benefits; 

A rich source of vitamin C;
Lemon water helps balance pH levels,
aides in digestion,
has immense benefits for the skin,
helps maintain your immune system
  flushes […]

How do I prepare an artichoke?

Walking around in the Produce isle of your local grocery store have you ever looked at an artichoke and thought “I wouldn’t even know where to begin”?

Well you’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying a new fruit or vegetable because you don’t know how to prepare it.  With so many great […]

Your Fruits and Veggies

It’s Citrus Season! 
There are two main varieties of Oranges, Navel and Valencias.  Seasonal specialties include the Moro or blood Orange and the Cara Cara Orange. 

Navel Oranges have a rich balanced floral aroma, their flavor is refreshingly tart with a pronounced vanilla finish.  With Slightly thicker skin, making this orange easy to peel and virtually […]

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