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Our Mission

To inspire the community to have Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on their plates with every meal.  By enhancing the marketing of produce and produce related items while acting as responsible advocates for our members in the community.

Who We Are

The Calgary Produce Marketing Association is a volunteer board of directors, of professionals across the produce industry.  Representing the Prairie Provinces; Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  We support our members through the membership program that enables the interchange of information with other businesses in the produce industry.  First established in 1974 as they Calgary Fruit Wholesalers.  The board was brought together to help promote the increased consumption of fresh produce.  In 1991 the group became incorporated and changed it’s name to the Calgary Produce Marketing Association.

The Calgary PMA encompasses membered companies from across Canada and the United States, who do business in the prairie provinces. Our membership continues to grow with a variety of produce industry related companies.  Including; growers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, food service, transportation, warehousing, packaging and supply companies.

Our Regional Partners


Our Regional Partners


Our Regional Partners