This past summer the Calgary PMA had the opportunity to partner with Community Kitchen Program of Calgary (CKC) on their Souper Stars Program. The program is specifically designed to teach elementary students in grades 4 to 6, how to attain a safer and healthier lifestyle. Designed to build self-esteem in children by equipping them with life skills and confidence in their personal abilities.   At the end of each class, the children are presented with a healthy snack and bottled water, milk or juice.  This 10 week program ends with a graduation celebration, complete with diplomas and prizes, to celebrate the children’s success and new-found knowledge.  

In addition to provided fresh fruits and vegetables to these children, Freggie also made an appearance in each classroom, which we have been told was the greatest highlight.  We received a heartwarming collection of photos and messages from the classrooms we visited.  We are delighted to continue to work with CKC on their Souper Stars Program in 2017 and grow our partnership into some additional programs and classroom opportunities!