What Fruit Or Veggie is that Colour?

Easter Eggstravaganza Booth

This past weekend the Calgary Produce Marketing Association participated in the Calgary Zoo’s Easter Eggstravaganza.  This family fun event focused on kids of all ages exploring, creating and learning.  The Calgary PMA focused our display and game on the colours of fruits and vegetables.  Having children pick one of a variety of coloured pretend carrots in our little garden; we asked the children what fruit or vegetable was that colour?   With some fantastic responses from; cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, to beets and green beans; not what we thought we would hear from kids but so wonderful to hear the varieties they knew.  

Each visitor who stopped by our booth received a Calgary PMA bookmark, Fall Harvest Sale reminder and a nice crisp apple.  We were happy to support the Calgary Zoo’s Easter Eggstravaganza, and look forward to other community events throughout the year.  

Color Choices

Color Game with Produce