Calgary PMA The New Fast Food


The New Fast FoodTM  a campaign designed around 5 fruit and vegetable colour groups.

Creative illustrations of various fast foods replaced with a fresh fruit or vegetable, is a way to grabs your attention in a fun, fresh way and shifts your thinking about eating fresh fruit and vegetables.  The message behind The New Fast FoodTM campaign is that fresh produce is convenient, delicious and nutritious.


How Many fruits or vegetables can you name in each colour group?


Beets, Strawberries, Red apples, Cranberries, Radishes, Red peppers, Watermelon…

I am red but I am not a stop sign, I contain seeds but am not a pepper.  I am round but not a cherry, I grow on a vine but I am not a berry.  Although people think I am a vegetable I am actually a fruit.  What am I?  


Oranges, Pumpkin, Corn, Cantaloupe, Mangoes, Peaches, Pineapple…

I grow in a field and taste best when I am peeled.  Rabbits like to eat me, what am I?


Green onions, Lettuce, Peas, Green Beans, Honeydew, Avocados…

I am a small fruit and fit in your hand, fuzzy on the outside but show my colour on the inside.  What am I? 


Blackberries, Blueberries, Purple Cabbage, Purple Potatoes, Eggplant…

If you like to eat small fruit, Then this one is sure to please, Because I am a dried grape, Used in oatmeal cookies.


Bananas, Jicama, Mushrooms, White Potatoes, Ginger, Cauliflower…

I am a certain type of bulb but don’t give off any light.  I can be peeled and chopped, and may make you cry.  I have many layers.  What am I?


The New Fast Food Posters

Click an image below to download your New Fast Food Poster.  

Blueberry poster          Green Beans Fast Food          Tomato fast Food         

 Corn Fast Food           Cauliflower fast Food           Apple Fast Food       

  watermelon fast food poster           orange Fast food poster          blueberries fast food poster