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Current members of the Calgary PMA include growers, packers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors in the Produce Industry.


Trained in consistent product hauling and safe handling practices, Agri-Fresh are produce specialists operating in a core geographic corridor, ensuring an on time, on temp and on tech delivery of your perishables.

We are asset based, with company hired drivers that have been screened, selected and provided with specialized training to deliver fresh and healthy 52 weeks a year.


Founded in 1927, Associated Grocers (AG) provides grocery, frozen, dairy, bakery, meat and produce products to independent grocers from British Columbia to Saskatchewan through its distribution centers in Surrey, BC and Calgary, AB.  With a great mix of products it’s the total commitment to on-time, exceptional, and innovative service that customer first identify with AG.  Through AG, more than 650 independent retailers gain access to the cost-effective marketing, advertising, point of sale technology and merchandising support services they need to survive in their ongoing battle to maintain their niche market positions.


Privately owned since its founding in 2005 with headquarters in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Autoroute Trucking offers dedicated transport and logistics services in Canada and across 48 states in the United States with a goal to become one of the leading transport and logistics companies in North America for quality service at the best rates while reducing environmental impact.


Bassano Growers provides fresh, wholesome prepared fruits and vegetables for our customer’s convenience and value.  We will achieve customer confidence through leadership in quality, safety, service and a dedicated workforce.


BCfresh is the premier provider of locally-grown vegetables found on plates across Western Canada and the United States. As a 100% grower-owned and operated company, our focus is delivering fresh produce to you.  From 60+ family farms throughout the Fraser Valley, select BC regions and premier growing areas across North America, BCfresh is a year-round supplier of the very best fresh veggies.


British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley boasts rich, fertile soil, endless days of summer sun and 135 kilometers of pristine lake fed by pure mountain streams. It almost doesn’t seem fair that one place should have so much. But thank goodness. Because this magical combination of conditions is positively perfect for growing tree fruits. Not just any tree fruits. But some of the most delicious in the world. From the newest varieties to old favourites, a BC Tree Fruits sticker means flavourful food grown close to home using natural and sustainable methods. Honestly, this is about as fresh as it gets.


Bison Transport is a multiple-award-winning Canadian transport company. We employ the latest technologies and operate one of the largest and most modern fleets in the industry. With offices and facilities throughout Canada, our dedicated staff and safe, professional Drivers provide a wide range of transportation, warehousing, and logistics services throughout North America. Bison Transport is a high-service, dependable and value-creating supply-chain partner.


Chelan Fresh™ is a great food story. We are grower-owned, representing family-owned farms, many of which are now being led by fourth or fifth generation. Sons and daughters have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, in some cases great and great-great grandparents. Growing fruit and growing it well is just in their genes.

The fruit we pack and sell comes from the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range in central Washington state. Here, ideal fruit growing conditions come together: gentle mountain slopes, fertile valleys, clear rivers, and warm sunny days and cool, crisp evening nights.

Chelan Fresh proudly packs a multitude of 17 Apple varieties, 8 Pear, 12 Cherry and a full manifest of Organic fruit.


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Western Canada’s go-to resource for temperature control products and services for transport and industry.

We are a customer-focused business that provides certainty for customers needing responsive, expert support of innovative temperature control solutions for transport and industry. Visit our website.

In business since 1999, Discovery Organics is an independently owned Canadian distributor of Certified Organic and Fair Trade produce.

We passionately work to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here in B.C. and beyond.

We serve hundreds of customers, including natural food retailers and wholesalers across Western Canada and the Northern Territories.


Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing fresh products since 1909, when the founder, Andrew Duda, moved to the United States in search of the American dream.  Andrew’s vision was to provide people with farm fresh products at an affordable price, that tasted as if they were grown in their very own garden.  Today our vision to provide freshness, flavor and quality products at an affordable price is still our primary goal.  In addition our mission is to grown healthy food products.


Earthbound Farm has been a pioneer since 1984, when they started a journey in a 2½-acre garden that has extended from their community to yours: local and national and international, rural and urban, kitchen tables and dining halls, supermarkets and corner stores.  They continue to blaze new trails in organic food and farming. We challenge conventional business practices and innovate across grocery aisles to inspire and nourish the people who buy our food.


Equation Staffing Solutions is an award-winning, locally owned and operated staffing agency specializing in the placement of both office and industrial personnel on either a temporary or permanent basis.

All our personnel are interviewed, referenced and matched to the requirements of the position guaranteeing – The Right Fit the First Time!

Proud GOLD winner in the Favorite Employment Service Category – 2019/2020

Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Awards



Evergreen Herbs is a family run farm in the heart of Surrey B.C. It started as a traditional farm growing onions, carrots and lettuce. In 1996 the two Brar brothers, Ron and TJ, set out to diversify the farm in order to keep the business afloat. Their fresh ideas and innovative approach to the business saw Evergreen Herbs transformed into a leader of outstanding quality herbs and vegetables in the market today. In order to satisfy the ever growing demand for organically grown produce Roots Organic was created as the organically grown section of our farm.


Co-op is a different kind of business. Now we’re telling our story in a whole new way at, the new online home of Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). FCL is the wholesale co-operative that helps Co-op locations serve communities throughout Western Canada. At, you can learn more about FCL’s history, wholesale and manufacturing activities and community involvement. will remain your source of information for Co-op products, contests and promotions.


FLS Transportation Services is one of North America’s fastest growing transportation logistics providers in the marketplace today. We are dedicated to servicing all four major modes of transportation.  Founded in 1987, FLS now has facilities all across North America strategically located to serve our current and future customers. FLS provides reliable transportation solutions for small, medium and large companies spanning a multitude of industries. FLS’s ability to remain focused on the customer’s needs and provide flexible, scalable, proactive andreactive solutions allow us to serve your unique requirements.


Freestone Produce is a family owned produce wholesaler located in the heart of Northeast Calgary. Open since 2010, Freestone Produce is newer to the produce market but rapidly growing in recognition and rapport. Freestone Produce provides staple produce and unique grocery items to a wide variety of different food-based establishments, as well as local Calgarians, looking for an affordable price on quality produce.


When we first sowed the seed for what was to become Fresh Direct Produce, our intention was to introduce an unparalleled service providing cost-effective selection of the best produce the world has to offer. We wanted to provide the fruits and vegetables that will go on the table in homes and restaurants, to nourish the body and soul. Our vision is to be a healthy difference in people’s lives through food that is the basis for celebration and bonding, and a connection to each other’s communities and heritage. Over the last 15 years we have tended to this vision, and it is our commitment to the future.


Fresh Pro is a Sales & Marketing Company. Our main focus has been on the “Fresh” category at both the Food Service Distributor and Operator levels.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service and representation across Canada and Western US. With your unique objectives in mind we will help you grow your business by expanding your distribution base and by maximizing “Product Draw” at the operator level.


Friesen Plastics Inc. has over 30 years of food packaging experience. Supplying some of the largest grocery chains and manufacturers has given us the knowledge to provide you with the highest quality and yet best value product to meet your flexible packaging needs. Supplying manufacturers with form and fill rolls to supplying bakeries with bread bags Friesen Plastics has proven itself as a leader in the flexible food packaging market.


For over 115 years, Gordon Food Service has delivered the excellence, expertise, and quality products our customers need to design successful food operations and experiences. We’ve grown to become the largest family operated distributor in North America by upholding the same business approach since 1897—being passionately committed to the people we serve. We believe in the power of good food—to bring people together and make moments special. Every product, every order and every decision we make is inspired by the people on the other side of the plate.


Gouw Quality Onions assures the provision of quality onions, at competitive prices to their consumers. Emphasis is given to handling and packaging of the product in order that products maintain a good shelf-life and are of a high quality for you the consumer.


H&W Produce is locally owned and operated. We offer a fresh and affordable source of quality produce. Customers appreciate both the variety of fruits, and vegetables and the value that they get when shopping with H&W Produce. H&W Produce has five locations in Edmonton, each driven by the local communities they serve. The five produce stores are unique and you’ll find a large selection of all the staples at every store. At H&W Produce Millwoods you will find more exotic produce,  at H&W Produce Capilano you’ll find a chopping and demonstration station and more small package options perfect for the local community. H&W buys as much produce as possible from local farms, growers and producers. We also shop around the world to offer a huge selection of fruits, vegetables and exotic produce. If there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask and we’ll do our best to get the product you are looking for.


With a passion for quality and innovation, Highline has driven to the forefront of many great technological advances in the North American mushroom industry. Our highly developed cropping techniques have enabled us to grow all white, mini bella and portabella mushrooms without the use of any pesticides or fungicides regularly required in the cultivation of mushrooms.


HydraGreens produce is grown using the next generation of growing machines. Our focus is on reducing the amount of water, land and energy used to grow each individual plant. We will never use any pesticides and we take great lengths to guarantee our growing environments stay clean and contaminant free.

Our produce is planted and harvested more efficiently making our leafy greens not only tastier, but also fresher and cleaner than any other greens on the market. Most of our produce is harvested, shipped, and on the store shelf the same day!


H.H. Smith Ltd. is a full service Canadian Customs Broker.  Founded by Havelock and Venice Smith, we have been serving the importing industry across Canada since 1941.  Havelock promoted “Border Clearance for Faster Delivery,” this concept still holds true. Today electronic commerce is used to provide, high quality, service across Canada in a quick and efficient manner. Our service is tailored to your individual business. H. H. Smith Ltd. has the resources, experience, and quality service you are looking for.




For over 20 years, Krown has been a pioneer and leader in service; providing retail, wholesale and distributors in Western Canada with high quality produce from around the world. With branch offices and warehouses strategically located in all Western Canadian provinces, full logistics infrastructure and advanced IT systems, we are able to maintain a high level of service to our customers, big and small.


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Since 1996, the Little Potato Company has been the leading farmers of Creamer potatoes – highly nutritious, fully mature and naturally delicious small specialty potatoes. Coveted by foodies and chefs alike, our proprietary colorful Creamers are available in produce sections across the U.S. and Canada. We sell them pre-washed and take special care to ensure their consistent size so you can cook them in just 5 minutes! Our CEO, Angela Santiago, co-founded the company with her father in Alberta, Canada, and we are proud to be a family-owned company. We are also a family-values based company dedicated to serving you nutritious, convenient, and delicious Little potatoes – just like we serve to our own families.


Specializing in commodities requiring temperature control and niche market service, Lucas Refrigerated is a small hands-on operation representing a personalized service concept.


Welcome to Misty Mountain Specialties, purveyors of wild, exotic, organic, and cultivated mushrooms since 1997. We are proud to have introduced oyster mushrooms and eventually other mushroom types to Canadians. Today, Misty Mountain is a leading global supplier of fine mushrooms and other specialty foods. We are open to the public and offer one of the largest selections of fresh and wild mushrooms for convenient online shopping.

David Lee Kwen is a mushroom authority. He established Misty Mountain Specialties in 1997 to feed his passion for fungi, the forest-crafted “food of the Gods”. He influenced the market at a time when white button mushrooms were the only fungi to be found in restaurants and on store shelves. David, with a belief in sustainable, healthy, and tasty food, changed the mushroom scene by introducing oyster mushrooms to Canadian chefs. He was also the first to introduce European-influenced cremini and portabello mushrooms.


Peak of the Market is an inclusive and diverse company driven by a dedicated group of Growers and staff that has marketed quality produce for 80 years; supplying a wide variety of fresh, quality vegetables across Canada and throughout the United States. Peak of the Market, along with Growers, employs over 1,000 Manitobans and injects over $130 million into the economy each year. Peak of the Market has earned the reputation for, not only ensuring the produce grown exceeds the national standard for safety and quality, but that customers receive the same attention and superior service. Everyone at Peak of the Market takes pride in working toward a collective commitment to excellence, in everything we do, all year long.


Markon Cooperative, Inc. consists of seven independent, broadline foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada. Although we are called Markon for short, we take the cooperative part of our name very seriously – for it is our spirit of cooperation that has made this group successful for more than 25 years.  Markon is all about creating solutions for you. Whether you are a single restaurant, a multi-unit business, or anything in between, we work to make your life easier and your business more profitable.


Don Needham Trucking has had its own authority since 1994 hauling fresh produce and general freight local and long distance.  Currently we have 13 trucks with an elite team of professional drivers that play an essential role in handling freight.  Our trucks have the latest technology to handle any type of refrigerated or dry cargo.  We are dedicated to superior service in western Canada and the U.S.A and that each experience you have with our company is a positive one.  Needham Trucking has an outstanding reputation on delivering products for the customer on time.


At Nutrien, our purpose is to grow our world from the ground up. As the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions, Nutrien plays a critical role in feeding the future by helping growers to increase food production in a sustainable manner. We’re moving the agriculture industry and the world forward – today and for generations to come.


Olaf Packaging Group is an intentionally small, second generation, family business.  We carefully select our partners and customers to complement our core.  Those we work with help build and benefit from our core.  Our Core Values:

1. Our relationships are built on trust, humility and accountability.
2. We will do what is right even when it is difficult.
3. We will always be responsive.

The Oppenheimer Group is a leading North American fresh produce distribution and marketing company with international breadth. Known in the industry as Oppy, the company sources over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 20 countries and delivers them to retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators across the U.S. and Canada, as well as export markets. Growers around the world enable the full-service marketer to supply such preferred items as apples, pears, kiwifruit, grapes, pineapple, citrus, mangoes, berries, stone fruit, avocados, greenhouse-grown vegetables―and more―all year long via its integrated supply chain. Oppy delivers on its expect the world from us brand promise by blending sophisticated logistics and technology with sales and marketing expertise, underpinned by dynamic teamwork with valued partners throughout the transaction.


Paradise Hill Farm, located near Nanton, has been growing and marketing farm fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and living basil directly to Calgary Co-op stores since 2000.  Tony and Karen Legault own and operate the farm and their four children continue to be actively involved as well.


Pear Bureau Northwest is the nonprofit marketing organization that represents the 1,600 Pacific Northwest US pear growers who produce 84% of the US pear crop. The Pear Bureau custom-tailors marketing and merchandising programs for USA Pears at retail, and also conducts advertising and events, including its prestigious nationwide Canadian culinary student recipe contest.


PPG specializes in hauling refrigerated and non-perishable goods across North America. Our aim is to work collaboratively with large grocery chains to transport fresh produce directly to the wholesaler by providing our clients with just in time, reliable and secure transportation.

Our strategy is simple: we thrive to safely deliver your merchandise to its final destination in order to meet your needs in a timely manner.





Founded in 1978 with the goal of providing honest and reliable service, R.R. Plett Trucking is an industry leader in temperature controlled transportation. Whether your shipment needs to stay warm, cold, or frozen, our team and technology ensure your goods are delivered safely, timely and held at the correct temperature throughout transport. The key to moving fresh freight is understanding that perishable goods need an extra level of care that we have provided for years.


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Star Produce began as a tomato repacker 25 years ago and has grown to be Western Canada’s preeminent distributor of the freshest fruits and vegetables. Our team of produce specialists have made Star Produce a leader in grower direct programs with more than 100 offshore programs. Over 200,000 square feet of refrigerated distribution space is strategically located in Winnipeg MB, Saskatoon SK, Calgary AB and Vancouver BC. All facilities are SQF certified and allow for daily distribution across Canada, with reach into the Pacific Northwest.


At Sunterra, our passion has always been delivering food of the utmost freshness and quality. With over 50 years of rich history in farming, we believe that great things can be achieved using the power of the sun and the earth – so much so that we made it our name. Our roots in Alberta and knowledge of its ideal sunlight conditions lead us to the clear next step in our agricultural journey, and after 10 years of careful research and planning, Sunterra Greenhouse was born.  

Our glass greenhouse facility contains a strictly controlled microclimate that is consistently monitored by our team. This growing environment ensures the plants have optimum humidity, temperature and irrigation for peak growth, even throughout the cold Alberta winters. With these precise growing conditions, we’re able to reliably produce fresh food 365 days a year and provide food security often made difficult in harsher seasons. Though the greenhouse may appear clinical and high-tech from the outside, its success ultimately comes down to the care and dedication of the people who work hard to keep it running. But the process doesn’t stop there – growing is only the first step!


Sunkist® is the most widely recognized name in the citrus category, a brand consumers trust to deliver fresh, delicious, and premium fruit. Sunkist quality stems from generations of growing experience, hand-picking each piece of fruit with care.


Sysco has sales and service relationships with more than 400,000 customers and remains committed to helping them succeed in the food service industry and satisfy consumers’ appetites.  Operating from 161 locations throughout the contiguous United States and portions of Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, today Sysco’s product lines are as diverse as the 46,300 employees who support its daily operations. They include not only the ingredients needed to prepare meals, but also numerous ancillary preparation and serving items.


Thind Transport Ltd is an asset-based transportation logistics company specializing in temperature-controlled and time-sensitive truck loads.
We are experts in cross-border trucking, logistics, heated and refrigerated freight transportation across Canada and the United States.
With our meticulously maintained trucks and reefers, experienced drivers and advanced logistics technology, our customers benefit from the highest quality transportation services at competitive rates.
Whether you are shipping within Canada or to the United States, you can trust our team of professionals to deliver your products with care and on time.


Thomas Fresh is Western Canada’s premium fresh packer, supplying only high-quality Asian, organic and conventional produce from established farms. You can rely on Thomas Fresh for the best nature has to offer.


We are VIVID Produce.

Our mission

 Offer the best variety of Exotic / Tropical fruits, Asian vegetables and roots, delivering fresh products with the highest quality to all of our customers.


Wholesale Produce Inc. is a local company with national reach and enduring relationships with growers, customers, and suppliers. Our prices are decided with the customer in mind and we always ensure that they remain affordable and competitive. We buy as much produce as possible from local farms, growers and producers. We also shop around the world to offer our customers a variety of fresh produce.


Windset Farms® has been delivering fresh, beautiful produce to consumers for over a decade, using state-of-art technology, responsible growing practices and a gentle hand. Each year, we pack and ship countless pounds of premium quality tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and specialty produce throughout North America and across the globe. Chances are good that if you eat your veggies, we’ve crossed your plate at least once.


Wonderful Brands is the Sales & Merchandising organization for Roll Global, a privately-held $4 billion corporation whose consumer brands include FIJI water, POM Wonderful, Teleflora, Paramount Citrus, Justin Vineyards & Winery and Paramount Farms. The Wonderful Brands team is devoted to delivering to the customer and the consumer our high quality branded products which include Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Almonds, Wonderful Halos and POM’s Wonderful variety of pomegranates, arils and juice.


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Zespri is one of the world’s leading horticultural companies and the recognised category leader in kiwifruit.
We deliver consistently high-quality, great-tasting, premium kiwifruit around the world.